Preparing To Build Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are widely used because of the quaint ambiance they create. The probable reason for this is because wood is quite versatile. This material that can be designed in various ways, with your imagination as the only limit. However, installing a wooden fence is not as easy as installing modular steel or plastic ones. This is because wood can soak in water, can expand or shrink, and can decay. What’s important is that you understand how your wooden fence blends with your landscape, and how to maintain the beauty of this piece.

One more use of a wooden fence is to keep animals away. Even if you do not build a very tall fence, a small fence can be a deterrent to animals that roam (like stray dogs or cats). Before you begin, here are some guidelines to choosing and installing your own wooden fence.

First of all, you will need to set up posts, which are essential for keeping the other materials of your fence in place. Some posts are made more aesthetically pleasing by the addition of decorative tops. Some posts extend above the top of the fence for more aesthetic value. The key is to never let the decorations of your posts clash with the design of your rails.

Rails are spanners that connect the posts. They are horizontally placed and are sometimes anchored in place by smaller posts. Some fence styles emphasize the use of top rails and bottom rails.

Panels are the boards that make up the “meat” of your fence. Some fences are open and no panels are used, but panels that adopt the look of lattice boards are too quaint and beautiful to pass up. Even straight boards can comprise your panels, if you want more privacy.

When you’ve checked out the materials and you have an idea on the design you want for your fence, it’s time to ask the local engineers about height and design restrictions. You may be required to apply for a construction permit. Some villages and suburban areas also have additional restrictions, especially if you belong to a village where the administrators require a certain height limit or style.

Another reason why you have to check with authorities is that there may be utility companies that have installed wires underground. The last thing you want is complaints from neighbors about broken phone lines or cable lines. Underground gas, electric, and power lines may be located right under the place where your fence will stand. Make sure that you have a plan for your fence. Measure everything from the size of your lawn to the thickness of your panels and posts. You must also be able to describe how deep your post holes will be.

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